Marketing Web Developer

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Marketing Web Developer

Know your way around HTML/CSS but also have a keen eye for design? We'd love to have you on your team.


You want to work on something fun and make a living in the process—we get it.

We're out to build the most kickass camera app and cloud photo storage service for contractors—and to have a good time doing it. Our hard work is paying off and we're one of the fastest growing apps for contractors. But, we don't take ourselves too seriously, and to be honest, we won't take you too seriously either.

If you're into the whole not-too-serious thing, but also enjoy building awesome stuff, please get in touch.


  • Want to join a fast-moving, ever-changing startup with our Story, Values, and Perks.
  • Are ready to collaborate with our Creative Director, Campaign Managers and Creatives to modify existing pages, build new landing pages, stand up entire new site sections, or create new site components.
  • Have a passion for keeping things clean, organized, and standardized, both for our customers and our internal teams.
  • Are excited to work in Craft CMSand know your way around its templating language, Twig.
  • Have honed your knowledge and skills in modern HTML, CSS (including various frameworks or processors), some light Javascript for fancy interactions and basic PHP for when things need to be customized in Craft.
  • Know what it takes to build a technically performant and accessible website.
  • Know how to build contingency plans in the case of website outages.
  • Have an eye for design (even though you might not consider yourself a "designer") with a track record to prove it.
  • Aren't afraid of SEO work, and keep on top of best practices there.
  • Know what it takes for websites to convert visitors to customers, not just how to make things look neat.
  • Feel comfortable integrating all the things like Google Tag Manager or other analytics tools without everything becoming a spaghetti mess.
  • Have basic knowledge of Git and automated deployment setups for websites.
  • Are quick to listen to others and and always looking for the best ways to collaborate.
  • Aren't afraid of respectfully disagreeing with others but are willing to buy-in and commit when necessary.
  • Have a growth mindset.


  • Are a fast-growing startup with big plans for the future.
  • Don't take ourselves too seriously: work isn't the most important thing in life.
  • Embrace change. We'll be a different company a year from now, and a different one a year after that.
  • Have a passion for excellence.
  • Will pay you well and give you meaningful equity, along with health insurance and other benefits.
  • Will treat you like an adult and let you take as much time off as you need if you're getting work done.
  • Have a great, soon-to-be-custom-remodeled office in the Lincoln Haymarket at "literally the best location in the city" according to our CEO.