Work shouldn’t always have to feel like work.

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What is CompanyCam?

The official answer: CompanyCam is a photo documentation app built for contractors and service professionals.

The unofficial answer: CompanyCam is an app that’s expanded beyond what we ever thought it would be. We’ve grown so much in the last few years, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We’ve been able to add tons of cool features (like augmented reality, document scanning, pdf generators, pitch finders, etc.) and we’ve built a base of people who really, truly love what we’ve created for them. And ultimately that’s what it’s about - creating a product and providing a service that helps people do their jobs easier and get home sooner.

What It’s Like to Work at CompanyCam?

Life at CompanyCam is many things. It’s exciting, it’s fast paced, it’s often mildly inappropriate, and it’s where shit gets done.

We’re a relatively small team, about 30 or so of us in the Lincoln office, but that doesn’t mean our output is small. We’ve got big plans for CompanyCam, and we’ve found that when people are excited to come into the office, they’re more excited to execute those big plans.

Our departments and company as a whole are tight knit, collaborative, supportive, and laid back and everyone has a vested interest in making sure people are happy here. We like people who know how to have a good time while making moves, who can take a joke and put Luke Hansen in his place. We take birthdays seriously, Free Lunch Friday is basically a holiday, and lake day is no joke. We work hard, we arguably play much harder.

You spend 40 hours of your life at work each week, why not make ’em enjoyable?


🍕 Free Lunch Fridays
Every Friday we bring in some grub for lunch. Most often it's pizza, sometimes it's Jimmy Johns, if you're lucky it's Chipotle. Rest assured, you'll be fed and full on Friday afternoons – just in time to take off and head to the Tavern for beer-thirty. 

💵 Money for Stuff
We all work off of our personal devices, so if you're feeling like an upgrade – that can be arranged. Full-time employees get some cash tossed their way to put toward a new device. Terms and conditions apply, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

🏢 Cool Space
Our office is pretty sweet. Plentiful windows, fully functioning water cooler, and a wide variety of paper dinnerware make our office space very enviable. We’ve tried to make a space that people are excited to come into every day and creates a comfortable and productive environment for all types.

👕 Free T-Shirts
Your wardrobe will love working here. On any given day at CompanyCam, you’re bound to run into at least a couple folks in their CoCam tees. Free CompanyCam t-shirts are always readily available for the taking. We’ve got lots of colors and they’re all super soft.

🏥 Health Insurance, Baby!
You want it, we've got it. Health insurance is 100% covered by CompanyCam for full-time employees. We also offer voluntary dental, vision, and life insurance plans but you’ve gotta ask nicely.

🧠 Try Anything Mentality
Working for a startup comes with a lot of advantages, including the ability to try pretty much anything out. We’re not afraid to stick our neck out there and test something new. If it doesn’t work, we’ve learned something. If it does work, we’ve done something awesome.

📅 Common Sense Time Off
Because we’re a startup, we’re pretty relaxed with hours and PTO. As long as you’re getting sh*t done, you’re pretty much free to take vacation and time off as you need it. Finding a work-life balance is pretty easy here. We’re all adults, let’s be responsible ones.

☕️ Location, Location, Location
We’re located right in the heart of the Haymarket District in Lincoln, Nebraska. We cover your parking, and you’re just walking distance from tons of restaurants, happy hour spots, and coffee shops—what more could you ask for?

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